3-5 business days in regular season and without eventualities

You can not bring money, weapons or parts of weapons, narcotics. Any product that contains alcohol in its list of ingredients. Any amount of explosive or corrosive product.

Any flammable, corrosive or explosive product Ammunition, firearms and parts of firearms
Any item with alcohol as the first ingredient Batteries that contain chemicals or are dangerous good
Cleaning Solutions Poisons
Fireworks and gunpowder Pressure Containers
Gas Matches
Tear or pepper gas Gas powered tools
Lighters Perishables
Used tires Psychotropics, precursors and controlled substances
Natural and vitamin products Tattoo machines and accessories
Airbags Carbon
Worn out shoes Used underwear
Certificates of value and any actions Manuscripts
Checks Academic titles, property or any other type
Passports or identification documents Credit or debit cards
Cash and coins Gift Cards
Stamps or tickets of any kind Precious stones

It may be that your package does not arrive within our company's estimated time (3-5 business days) due to external conditions that affect the process, for example: airline problems, high shopping season (see below to find out which ones), customs problems, periodic cargo reviews, etc.

There can be several reasons:
1. The weight shown on the website where the purchase was made is not real
2. There are operational expenses during the import process that can affect the final price of the product, due to additional permits such as health permits (The most common are food, medicine, makeup, perfumes, 100% leather products, vehicle tires, used electronic equipment , oils, among others) or with a price greater than $500 in jewelry and watches)

Due to the fact that DUAL follows a logistics where the location per package as well as the hours are taken into consideration, deliveries can be affected by other circumstances such as traffic, delivery time to each client, problems on routes, so offering a delivery at a specific hour can be very difficult.

Local deliveries in San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago and the rest of the provinces through parcels.

Due to the volume of packages that are handled with the only company that cannot make a package is with USPS, with the others it can be done, however, you must notify us at least 2 days in advance.

If you have pre-alerted your package, when it arrives at our warehouse your package will be reflected in a maximum of 1 business day. If you have not pre-alerted it, it could take a minimum of 3 business days.

Our packages fly daily, as long as the airline has space for cargo.

- Easter week
- Thanks giving
- Black Friday
- Christmas
- Natural disasters, pandemics or extreme situations

Debit and credit cards (except American Express)

This happens since the purchase is made through us but to an international store, and taxes can affect the amount of the transaction, the best option for this method would be to pay in cash or create your mailbox and make the purchase directly with the international store of your choice, using your credit card.

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